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Bont ST Sonic 2000
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The Sonic 2000 is our entry level blade. They are made with a high quality aluminum extrusion. They are pre bent so new skaters can get skating immediately without any knowledge of how to bend their blades. They fit 195 mm spacing of inline boots as well as normal 165 mm spacing of short track boots.


  • High performance entry level blade
  • Blade 58 Rockwell
  • Standard 1.2mm thickness
  • Maximum length - 16.5 inch
  • Minimum length 8 inch, standard for boots under and inc: 32 is 12 inch. Blades to match boots from 27 to 32 will have 5.5 inch mounting separation
  • Standard radius of 8m short track and 21m long track
  • Brackets are 30mm - 40mm
  • Exceptionally fine gliding blade
  • Standard aluminum brackets
  • Blades come machine bent

We make feet trace of your feet to determine your number. You can also send your feed trace through mail.
Waiting time for all products are from 1 week to 8 weeks.
Price of configuration
130.00 € (with tax)