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Bont 3PF
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You do not like Bonts 3 point system?
Would you maybe like to benefit from your old frame but on other occasions from Bont 3 point system?
Bonts 3PF is answer to this questions, and at Bont they have once again surpassed the competition by a lot. This can be notice on many skaters winning races on new Bont 3PF frame, and below you can read comment from Justin Stelly about this new frame:

I??€?m an indoor skater so I want a frame that will flex a little. Flex in the frame gives you most rebound when you put pressure into the floor and that in turn helps to turn the skate. When skating outdoor I prefer a much stiffer frame because outdoor tends to be most straights and less flex means you??€?re not losing and pressure in the straight away push. For indoor there are not many straights, it is mostly precision turning. I spent quite a bit of time testing various 3PF samples for Alex tuning the flex in this new frame. I will probably skate this frame as a 2 point indoor and a 3 point outdoor to give me the best of both worlds.

  • Wheel size: 100mm-110mm
  • Axle material: 7075 T6
  • Deck height:
    • Front: 48.5 mm
    • Back: 59.5 mm
  • Weight: 1104 185g
[ 12.80"] [ 13.20"]
Price of configuration:
289.00 € (with tax)